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Good morning sun, good morning everyone, the woody neurons inside my hollow head are waking into a lovely day a new.

You may wander who am I, and what is going on as a reader of my notes, it may be me who is reading it when I’m old and senile, or audience that long forgotten about us and all that came before.

Many years before no one is sure how many exactly, a mega-earth like planet Kapteyn B got populated by humans. It contains mass approximately 5 times Earth’s.
Through time they were getting slowly adapted to hugely increased gravity, but due to evolutionary effects it would take them many millennia to fully evolve to be accustomed to the planet atmosphere and gravity well.
Plants and bacteria that was transformed adapted much quicker to the new conditions and due to pre-existing bacteria on the planet itself there were some unforeseen consequences.

One of the local bacteria’s was able to be an efficient parasite on most of former earth’s adapted deciduous trees, which in turn caused for trees to form a collection of cell’s that was able to form faster decisions in a collective manner, similar to animal’s neuron brain connections. Just that instead of having it concentrated only in the “head”, tree’s had it in mostly trunk (cca 60%) and all other connections dispersed through branches twigs and roots.

That enabled the trees, for faster mutations through generations.
Some of mutations included:

  • Capturing insects inside the bark and root systems to drain them of proteins and other valuable minerals and vitamins, though increasing the possible energy intakes on top of soil and sun. Through time this intakes were providing bigger and bigger part of their digestions, leading to mutual other adaptations.
  • Being able to move roots ever so slightly more in each generation to more easily catch the insects and other small beings underground.
  • Having several different mechanisms with branches, movements, bark’s that were able to form a hole and close rapidly, having a kind of a wooden plastick’y fibre that was able to move the leafs in a joined manners to perform a function.
  • Due to being able to perform conjoined functions of multitude of leaves, and increased intelligence of trees the older they got, at one point, they were able to communicate in a short radius with the help of slight rapid changes of the wind patterns short communication sequences to one another. (Luckily for trees being able to grow very old there are still some ancestors still alive to this day which we can study in more detail.)
  • One of the mysteries however that has been not concluded and studied enough, is how the trees developed vision through in majority of cases special types of branches that grow in number (depending on species) from one to 6.
  • Due to being more and more incentive in catching protein based lifeforms, the trees were able to increase in movements more and more with roots branches and leaves.

The story developed significantly 5000 years before the time of the writing at 0 G . 0 G represents the first year of the Growth. The years are calculated locally, and in calculations should represent around 700 earth like years in length due to a lot shorter rotations around the sun.

Through time, there was one specimen, that rose above all, and that is alive to this day.
And the rise of him, the king of the Ent-throrararrr(renaming of the planet from Kapteyn B), and the rise of the ents on which the first year of Growth is celebrated.

The First (ent that rose from the jail of the ground) that uprooted into freedom travelled lots through many biomes and lands, meeting many three’s none of which uprooted as he, but on the bright side a lot of them were already capable of communication and sight, even though the oldest ones of no new sense at all.

Through the winds words that travelled from many miles away he learned about the so called humans, the slayers of his brothers and cousins, from the tinniest of trees to the largest many meter high giants.
The furry brewed in him with thoughts raging, it was enough he thought to himself.

Encompassing himself deep with roots to fertile soil, meditating for a year (cca 54 days in Earth time).

On the 54th day, on suns return to the same spot in the sky, he proceeded with thoughts refreshed.

Sharing parts of his branches parts of his roots, with brothers as many as he could, infested with parasites he possessed, DNA he had, and unknowingly to him, shared himself, getting incorporated into trees, being trees no more, as day by day gone by, more of them were getting transformed, mixed in genes and enhanced by the First, uprooting up from the soil.
Through sharing of himself, a telepathic connection was made, making all the ents able of individual thoughts as well as one common enhanced, encompassing many neurons into one huge, interconnected brain.

Through time and learning of the new skills they possessed, they learned a lot of skills we take for granted. Sharing of work, slowly piece by piece specializing into individual professions, from insect farmers to fish farmers, to all what carnivores could eat.

As eating plants, is a deadly sin, luckily with grass, algae’s shrubs and evergreens having no thoughts nothing special inside them at all.

Unexpected situation arises when you have individuals who live extremely long as well as common thoughts channel.
One of them is that the older the ent’s got, the more they learned, more they knew. The common thought just made sure that no knowledge ever got lost.

Fast-forwarding 4000 years, the ent area of the world expanded greatly, started to touch the human area of influence, therefore situation became unavoidable.
Entarians, the elders of the ent’s, were sent as ambassadors to the closest human settlement.
After several years of communication, channels of understanding were finally established, enlightening human race of being incidental breeders in a sense on another sentient species and unknown killers of as well. Luckily for them, ent’s aren’t violent by nature, only when unavoidable.

An agreement was made between the two sentient species of common resources of plants allowed to be cut and processed, but being a crime harming any leafy tree or ent at all, as vice versa as well.

If I look what we achieved up to this day, is incredible, me being a historian, writing everything into the future, and to protect the common thought from corrupted data, in our organic houses and huge skyscrapers grown entirely from wood almost on command, but containing none of though at all.
In comparison to co-sentient specie of humans, our town look like huge trees, trunks, even five hundred meter tree radius buildings full of leafs, used for concentration of energy and providing protein expulsion through grown pipes as to minimise impact on wildlife.

In a similar way as human internet works, just that our world interconnected is whole, eliminating need for inorganic web structure of communication. Through time we also mastered inorganics, such as being able to grow silicon structures and forms, creating a totally new concept of grown computers and hard structures, incapable of getting touched by fires.

Today also marks a day, day of celebration, as our connection with humans reached another tipping point.
Today, first sky city got sent into lower earth orbit with help of human gravity engines and ent’s silicone based structures with a mix of wood based structure as well.

When I feast my eyes upon the sky, a 1 kilometre long prototype is floating above, magnificent creation. Blue aeon of engines holding it high, the yellows and orange collars encompassing its exteriors all around except the top, that is wholly encompassed into semi movable leafy structure to allow change in climate inside the city and conservation of heat.

Hopefully, one day, we will be able to be interconnected in peace through solar system whole or even more.

Matjaz Trcek
Matjaz Trcek
SRE @ Magnolia CMS

Working as an SRE in Magnolia CMS. In my free time I work on many side projects some of which are covered in this blog.