Observation analysis of Messier 31 super massive black hole

Black Hole Quasar
From a viewpoint of objective observer at centre of galaxy identified as Messier 31 or as known “Andromeda galaxy” by the robotic observer of high elevation of AI it appears that the super massive black hole at the centre, harbours different characteristics to previously identified patterns in the database.

Based on currently collected data, the constant flow of energy and mass from the central star clusters close to the nucleus of the galaxy, it creates conditions that seem to enable different parameters of available life forms.

On the ellipse on and slightly above event horizon (the width of the section seems to be around 100.000 kilometres from event horizon) there are disturbances not documented before.
Instead of straight flows of energy into almost infinite spiral into gravity well, the energy flows disperse into hexagonal rivers of energy, dispersing into smaller hexagonal fields encircled by the energy flows, the closer you are getting to event horizon.

Due to unusual activity the objective observer AI queued additional probes at the closest wormhole connection to Milky way, of which Sagittarius A* is it’s main supper massive black hole gravity well. From the closest factories all needed probes and instruments arrived for further analysis that lasted for 1.000 Terra years.

On further analysis and collection of data several findings were observed:

  • The observed realities can not be explained by existing physics in terms of natural mechanics of the universe. Due to harboured hexagonal RENAMED “Foreign energy grid” is an element of extra-terrestrial life not previously encountered.
  • The hexagonal grid can be compared in a sense of natural exploitation similar to Aral Sea of Terra. The Aral Sea was decreasing in size due to diversions of main rivers into smaller rivers into smaller canals for irrigation of different crops. Similar Messier 31 can be explained that due to Foreign energy grid, Messier 31 is not increasing in gravity well capacity but remains stagnant, and majority of excess energy get’s diminished on the way to its event horizon.
  • The energy flows get converted into uncharged particles “Neutrons”, this particles are a building block for the life forms inhabiting that area. Due to proximity to extreme gravity it is one of the rare things that have ability to survive in this extreme environment.
  • Through long term observation it was possible to deduce movements between different hexagonal fields, convergences of neutron densities not logically governed by natural element laws, which confirms some kind of social interaction between different neutron densities. It is possible that hypothesis is viable for the society of life forms to harbour some kind of intelligence and self-awareness.

It is fascinating, when you think about it, that there is also an extreme case of time dilation. From observer standpoint on to the object, any movement is negligible and from point of the observe everything is moving at a normal pace.
Due to nature of black holes and Hawking radiation this society of life leads us to believe they existed long before the observer creators evolved and will exist long after even descendants of evolvee’s are gone. It is the most long lasting type of life form ever observed by any collection of life form that is known to existing coalition of sentient forms.

Matjaz Trcek
Matjaz Trcek
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