Revintas travel

Motors are humming into a silent dawn. My head resting quietly onto glass of magnificent machine, that is carrying us over terrain unknown. Eyes slowly opening, watching horizon grow into a mixture of colours. Ranging from light blue, and encompassing into 2 rings, one bigger with a darker blood red and another smaller one of yellow with a slow transformation with addition of a green shade which makes a core of the second sun.

They are called Trohveen and Zirakkvart by the local population. The planet is located in a locked orbit between the stars that are rotating around each other with a smaller one being of bigger density (Neutron star) and the bigger an ageing star from the 2nd generation of star formation.
It’s quite a rare view to see a habitable planet situated perfectly in between the stars right in a habitable zone which is a lot smaller than in single star system or most of the time non existent at least looking at the zone in the middle, not the outer orbits around both stars in the binary system. Thus said, the radiation is still quite strong, but a stronger and denser atmosphere is mitigating it’s effects.

It was a long travel, of unimaginable distances until you have experienced it yourself. In times of past, colonies were established on Solar system closest neighbour, the trinary star system of Alpha Centauri. Smaller colonies built with a purpose of scientific progress in technology, extraterrestrial life and human expansion on moons of ACA ( Alpha Centauri A ) three gas giants and two rocky planets of ACB nicknamed Gaea and Ares due to Solar system resemblance in distances from their sun.
Through time when they have become self sufficient and started to become dominant as the biggest and most advanced miner colonies at the time. They have started to producing high speed robotic probes which were reaching one tenth of speed of light and in the next decades peaked all the way to one third speed of light.

Not many survived though. Some of them stopped working, others got masked by immense radiation, while others reported back through vast reaches of the space. And the binary system on which we are now was selected as the finalist for supporting life due to its water abundance and atmosphere composition.

After planet was selected, the main ship plans were renewed and modified due to planet properties, together with encompassing sailer ship which is the actual interstellar propulsion with main ship docked inside it. Through many tries for other planets, it was determined that the most efficient design for long distances consist of a main colony ship and a propulsion ship. After arriving at destination propulsion ship functions as temporary space station and satellite facility, while colony ship lands on the surface and is used as a colony by itself, while terraforming or base construction takes place.

Simultaneously training of 500 human researchers and engineers commenced their training, majority of them between ages 25-45, the youngest possible educated human group available. In 5 years time Grand launch of colony ship named “PX-103 of Revinta colony” departed into dark skies to new horizons. After leaving home star system all humans went into hibernation, with only robots and androids wheeling around, minding their own assignments and occasionally waking emergency crew for their immediate attention.

After 5000 years of suspended animation I have awakened with most of my colleagues.

We have arrived.

Matjaz Trcek
Matjaz Trcek
SRE @ Magnolia CMS

Working as an SRE in Magnolia CMS. In my free time I work on many side projects some of which are covered in this blog.