Upon the voyage beetwen the stars [POEM]


Title: Upon the voyage between the stars

Author: Matjaz Trcek

Description: Poem that talks about long abandoned home,
destroyed by the ultimate fear of mankind,
upon the travel through the stars,
to new beginning to new life waiting at the other end.
It can be of course interpreted in a free way as metaphors of different kind.

Through the stars we roam,
encased into eternal sleep,
breath shallow and long,
upon the voyage for life,without.

Ideals, the kingdom of animal,
left behind to roast in dust,
radiating in the lifeless space,
upon the voyage of soul,save.

To the future we roam,
to new shot at life,
a chance to set it all right,
upon the voyage of eternity,love.

Matjaz Trcek
Matjaz Trcek
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