In the land of the free,
Where you can do whatever you imagine,
On condition,
Of the holy chip inside your head.

Whatever knowledge you want,
At finger’s point,
From the world wide web,
Contained in corporation one.

In a world,
Where sex is lax and unbounded by society,
But snipping obligatory,
And reproduction strictly regulated.

For a perfection of individual,
Price needs to be paid.
All material needs covered,
But what is thought that is in prison,
Even though prison is made of flowers.

In a world,
Where needs are predetermined,
With robotic upbringing and taught control,
Focusing on decrease of united power of communities,
For what do you want,
If you have all?

Through time,
Optimisations imminent,
Decrease of quality of life.

Matjaz Trcek
Matjaz Trcek
SRE @ Magnolia CMS

Working as an SRE in Magnolia CMS. In my free time I work on many side projects some of which are covered in this blog.