Love is all [POEM]


For Chezi poem: Love is all

I see a wall,
impregnable fortress of walls,
that look like mountains,
all the way to the sky high.

O miss from the garden of Eve,
I am doomed,
What can I do?

There’s no way,
no solution in sight,
happiness unreachable.

The sky darkens,
stormy clouds suddenly appear,
ground beneath my feet opens and swallows me whole,
engulfed in earthy fire.

When everything stops.

Realization imminent.


The pool of magma starts to get sucked into my heart with the speed of light.
The stormy clouds with its rain and lightnings flow into me.


Love is all. Love is fire, storm of state, rain, lightning.

Recovered slowly stepping forward all the way up to the wall.
With a gentle touch of love.

Transforms into hills of magic.
Full of all what heart was always saying.
Fairies unicorns in pastures of roses and trees.

My heart is carrying my body my soul my everything.
Drifting through magic.

I am here I say unaware.

Here I am. On field of daisies, the sun circling on the edges of horizon around us and a lake above us instead of sky.


Love is all

Matjaz Trcek
Matjaz Trcek
SRE @ Magnolia CMS

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