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A recent project I was working on is an online e-commerce shop providing different kind of merchandise. From T-shirts and hoodies to different electronics. They range from different audio equipment to USB accesories and much more. The part I am the most fond of is a design that is fairly clear and easy to use by customers.

I used Shopify to create the e-shop and for customisation of design I used Minimog.

If you want to check it out you can see it on: Unworldlyunicorn site. However I’m not sure how long I will keep it running since it was mostly a learning experience.

Overview of several sections:

Bellow you can see couple of parts of the website. Each article has a lovely colorful variations in design which contribute to easier selection of products.

Lights section:


Overview from homepage:


Highlight section:


Matjaz Trcek
Matjaz Trcek
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Working as an SRE in Magnolia CMS. In my free time I work on many side projects some of which are covered in this blog.