Gorvak: Sentient species of trees in a far away land

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Poems are an alternative way of how to put imagination into writing. And in the following one I have imagined a world of sentient tree like beings in a nitrogenic atmosphere with their conscious great but working in a different way and speed to what we may be used to. It gives I hope also a good representation of possible challenges when encountering foreign species sooner or later into the future to be.

Breeze is lightly touching me through wind unknown,
For wind is foreign mixed with heat that burns my soul.

What has come while in slumber I was deep?
My branches untangling slowly to winter sun.

How can it be hot, if snow covered me before last dawn?
This is foreign unbeknownst to me.

Arise and join in the root language for answers we seek.

The voices,
thousands of voices flowing through tunnels of my internal juice.

Distress and confusion overwhelmingly present.
Something is rotten, as plague infecting the souls.

Brothers of sea,
How seas treat you in this times of need?

No voice can be heard….
No, wait… a faint pulse of a voice is transmitted through the shadows…
The acidic sea doomed them all.

Through regions all the intrigue continues,
Somewhere better, somewhere worse,
Only the highlanders remain,
The farthest seeing of us all.

Your roots are deep your vision immense,
Elders of the mountains!
What’s your take on this?

The wind immensely blowing through bark of millenia…
Clouds poisonous, heat centres splattered all across lands of our home,
Movement of something new, of nature not encountered before.

Big chunks of metal through sky they fly, the nitrogenous breath depleting slowly but surely to poisonous oxygen.
From lands of north to seas of the south, all is disarrayed.

Through years ten, they perished one by one,
But finally it stabilized once more.
The news has come that solution has been found.

For thy humans from place beyond the sky were at fault.
Communication apparent, that ours is ten fold slower,through telepathy and signs of gentleness.
After years of pain, communication established.
Ambassadors exchanged.

They sent the world to world at large,
No more pain and sorrow,
The lands from sky to inner core protected are forevermore,
Placed into shield of protectorate park, whatever that means.

Matjaz Trcek
Matjaz Trcek
SRE @ Magnolia CMS

Working as an SRE in Magnolia CMS. In my free time I work on many side projects some of which are covered in this blog.