Educate yourself! (Free or at low cost learning)

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Classical Courses:

edX (Free or small fee for verified certificate)

Orientation: edX which was founded by MIT and Harvard University and later partnered with Stanford and multiple other Universities started first with a course on circuits and electronics on MIT and later expanded with a vast array of high quality courses from Introduction to programming (by Harvard) to greatest unsolved mysteries of the universe by Australian National University.

A bigger amount of the classes is high quality representation of a course that you would typical take on university itself and can be easily comparable to it at least in terms of how the subject is served and being taught.

Coursera (Free or small fee for verified certificate)

Orientation: Coursera provides another learning platform for MOOC’s from many different universities( like edX MOOC’s) that cover multiple areas from including Medicine, Humanities, Biology, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Business, and Computer Sciences. The courses are mostly divided into video lectures accompanied with smaller exercises, lab projects, sometimes bigger projects lasting throughout the course. Some courses are shorten version of University courses and certain try to mimic full courses.

Khan Academy (Free)

Orientation: First developed as a series of youtube videos for teaching his cousins (founder of Khan Academy) it developed to offer a wide range of courses, starting from the scratch. It is spliced into different levels of difficulty. For example in math it starts from  early math, 1st grade all the way to high school mathematics. Clever website design also awards you achievements and points for reaching new “levels” of acquired knowledge which certainly helps due to encouragement factor.

Areas in which they learn are quite broad. They range from Maths, Biology, Physics, Organic chemistry, History all the way to computer programming and economics.

MIT’s Open Courseware (Free)

Orientation: Covering over 2180 courses with lecture notes, exams and their solutions, video lectures and even books written by MIT professors Open Courseware is a great place to learn a lot of different subjects ranging in pretty much every desirable direction that you would expect it to.

Udacity (Free or small fee during learning)

Orientation: Udacity MOOC’s are focused on learning in mostly computer science courses ranging from creating scalable applications, mobile applications to exploring how to build a modern responsive website and even your own search engine! They also offer some biology, math and more! A lot of the courses are backed from different companies like for example Google for some computer programming related ones.

Open University  (Around 1,800 pounds per 30 credit module)

Orientation: A UK based University which is not free neither particularly low cost either. But it offers full undergraduate and master degrees in multiple areas from computer science to business or biochemistry and is comparable with a lot of Universities where it’s only possible to study if you’re present at the location. For people looking for a relatively flexible fully-pledged University I would certainly recommend this one.

Specific courses(Mostly computer science):

Code Academy (Free)

Do you yearn to start learning programming languages? Maybe Code Academy suits your need. They offer learning from markup languages to jQuery,PHP and even to Ruby.


Meant to teach you basics of CMS systems quickly as well as HTML and a bit on eCommerce systems. Hopefully good enough for pure newbies / beginners to learn fast and efficiently.


An app/website that I also love to use. Learn new Languages! From German to Spanish to many more through gradually increasing difficulty of exercises. Practice consists from reading, writing, multiple choice answers and also to input via Microphone and getting sure that you get your pronunciation right.

Designed with students in mind to learn how to code, get the basics and gain more understanding of how the computer and programming of it works.

Over API

Even if you’re an experience programmer you will love what this site has to offer. It collects pretty much a huge collection of cheat sheets from languages to frameworks like Node.JS for easier reference in future 🙂

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Matjaz Trcek
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