Smart home devices for 2017


In this collection which I am doing mostly for myself. I’m compiling a list of IoT devices that I want to use for my home automation. Majority of products should be compatible with modern hubs such as Alexa.

Even though my aim is to make everything connected via OpenHAB and Alexa. Some of the products are not really properly tested but if it at least inspires you, I’m sure you can find more information with further investigation about them.


1.) ITEAD Sonoff Wireless Wifi Switch – Relay module

This little device could be used to put in the middle of your device, between your power supply and device itself, probably even with a bit of wire cutting 😮 . It can be quite useful if you want to be on the cheap and convert couple of dumb devices to semi-smart ones. Price at this time is $4.85 per piece.

2.)  Xiaomi Mi Night Yeelight Smart LED Lamp Wifi Remote Control (E27)

First, why E27? Beacuse it’s quite standard at least in EU, sorry if it doesn’t cover your area/type of bulb, but hopefully there is version for your type as well. The power usage it a bit bigger then using Zigbee, but it does depend on your use case.

Both this and the next bulb can be used for example to make a room light on movement, or turn it on remotely when you’re on the way home, or have it on timer etc. Lots of use cases and a simple product that helps improve efficiency of your home.

3.) Philips Hue White Single LED E27 Light Bulb

Since it uses Zigbee you do actually need to have a hub that supports this. For example their starter pack comes with one (HERE). The benefit of using it is that the power consumption is lower and price smaller as well. So overall if you prefer to go with true and tested Philips feel free 🙂

4.) NUKI Smart lock

For people who don’t want to remove their previous lock and just use something over it on the inside part of the door, NUKI comes to the rescue. You can use this bad boy to remotely control and double check your door is locked from wherever. Cause you know, it happened to all of us, that strange feeling we forgot to lock the doors…

5.) TP-Link HS100 Wi-Fi Smart Plug

Would you like to make one of your existing power sockets smart? Yes of course you do. For those that would love to add something like this for collection, TP-Link’s UK or EU  socket plug comes to the rescue, to help you connect stuff as for example portable radiators etc. to it.

X.) BONUS Suggestion – ETTG Motion Activated / Light Sensitive Automatic LED Toilet Nightlight 

Not really a smart device or IoT, but it’s stupid and makes me laugh. But at the same time it can be also super useful 😀 . Basically motion activated light to have in your toilet so you can always shot for the win!

Matjaz Trcek
Matjaz Trcek
SRE @ Magnolia CMS

Working as an SRE in Magnolia CMS. In my free time I work on many side projects some of which are covered in this blog.