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I found that ther are quite many rewrites of classic games which are not supported anymore, do not work on modern systems and were abandoned all together. But not by enthusiasts and talented programmers and other proffesionals which brought them back to life!

In the list I would just list the most prominent ones in my honest opinion so you can enjoy your old favourite once again:

OpenRA ( C&C recreations )

OpenRA at the moment combines 3 different games which are available to choose in-game. The 3 re-made games are C&C (Tiberian Dawn), C&C: Red Alert, and Dune 2000. For everybody that like the good old classic RTS they recreated the games with mostly the same gameplay with a bit of their own twists and modernisations (fog of war, uni veterancy) so they are a “bit” more appropriate for playing in the modern day and age. The multiplayer and several single missions are also available. The development seems to be active for the time being.

OpenAge (Age of empires 2 )

Actively developed recreation of one of grandfathers and everybody’s (presumably?) favourite AOE2 game. For the moment it is not in the most playable state, but the clone of AOE is progressing quite nicely and enables transfer of the assets from your original media, but with planes to re-create original ones, due to copyright reasons, of course.

OpenTTD ( Transport Tycoon Deluxe )

TTD is a lovely transport building business expanding tile base simulator. You pretty much focus on public transport, industry transport needs from buses to airplanes. Regarding the recreation of the game, it is actively developed, works great on modern systems (albeit with a bit of tweaking if you wish to make UI display more appropriate) and a lot of optional plugins. It’s a very good remake and honours it’s roots.

OpenMW (The Elders Scrolls: Morrowind)

Recreation of RPG open world ancestor to games like Oblivion and Skyrim. Too many the favourite , for me too old, but to it’s own their boat. Looking at the development itself it is extremely active and a game definitely worth checking out or contributing like of course case with the rest, they are open source nonetheless 🙂 But for this particular title you will also need the original due to its assets.

FreeCol ( Colonization )

Oldie goldie. A very old remake and still in active development. I think it may not need much description, if you know the original you know this one.

FreeCiv ( Civilization II )

This one I checked some time ago as well, they even have port for Android devices (Better to play on a tablet but nonetheless i guess you can use phablet too). Rapid development, following the roots, really the best throwback in time of the golden era of civ genre. I’d recommend this recreation full heartedly.

Matjaz Trcek
Matjaz Trcek
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